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1974 – The new building was outgrown; Dorothy Wood raised $500,000 to expand and is subsequently honored by The Cincinnati Enquirer as one of Cincinnati’s Outstanding Women of the Year; Dorothy Wood passed away shortly after at the age of 59.

1976 – Joe VonLehman encourages Al Wood to start the Dorothy Wood Foundation in honor of his wife’s memory and dedication to people with disabilities.

1980s – Redwood adds the Adult Activity Program, Business Computer Skills, Employment Services, and the Technological Services Program.

1992 – Redwood’s school program is closed; Redwood launches its new Early Childhood Childcare Center and School Age Childcare Services programs; Cincinnati Children’s Hospital Medical Center established its only Northern Kentucky Occupational-Physical Therapy satellite site at Redwood.

1999 – The Assistive Technology Resource Center (ATRC) was established, becoming one of only four Kentucky Assistive Technology System centers in the Commonwealth of Kentucky.

2002 – Redwood’s board launches its $6.5M Promise & Potential Capital Campaign.

2004 – Groundbreaking for the new facility occurred.

2005 – Construction is completed, resulting in an additional 41,000 square feet and major renovation of the existing building.

2009 – Redwood launches its Adults NOW program, now the Young Adults Transitioning Program, for youth who are transitioning from school life to adulthood.

2012 – Redwood and DHL join forces to hire 40 adults at their CVG location.  Redwood also applies for and receives its license to begin offering Prescribed Pediatric Extended Care services to children with medical fragility due to chronic health conditions and disabilities.

2013 – Redwood celebrated its 60th year of service to people with disabilities in May 2013.  By the end of the year, Redwood procured three-year accreditation through the Council on Accreditation of Rehabilitation Facilities for all of its Adult Services programs.

Redwood Today

Today, Redwood is working to quietly shatter barriers to the inclusion of people living with disabilities.