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Our Mission

Redwood guides children and adults with severe and multiple disabilities to achieve independence and reach their highest potential throughout their lives by providing enriching educational, therapeutic, and vocational services.

An adult redwood client

Our Vision

Redwood envisions a world where people with disabilities are empowered to flourish, prosper, and achieve the quality of life they deserve.

Our Purpose

Redwood helps people grow abilities, shatter barriers, and shine bright.

Our Niche

Individuals with distinct abilities.


Redwood’s Strategic Plan

Redwood’s strategic plan is simple – build a sustainable organization that will serve individuals for their entire lifetime. To do this, we focus our planning efforts on three pillars.


Build and strengthen our organization to become the benchmark organization providing services to individuals with intellectual and developmental disabilities.


Build and sustain our financial strength.


Optimize our market potential to become the preferred provider of intellectual and developmental disability services in the region.

A poster on the wall at Redwood with children holding hands.

Uniqueness is Power!

Since our beginnings, uniqueness has been part of Redwood’s DNA. So much of what makes us extraordinary is the diversity of our clients, staff and volunteers, reflecting a range of developmental and intellectual abilities, ages, and financial means.

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