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Connections Annual Report: Key Outcomes and Financials

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Redwood and its clients felt the impact of the pandemic long after the shutdowns of March 2020. We continue to deal with ripple effects that have altered how we are able to safely provide services to clients and their families, as is evident in our Fiscal Year 2021 Key Outcomes report. While Redwood quickly adapted and innovated to continue serving our clients during closures and changing safety mandates, we are still on the road to recovering, with hopes of making a full recovery and continuing to grow our Redwood family of children and adults of all abilities in the years ahead.


Due to the hard work of our staff, we were able to continue serving our clients and helping them through challenging times. Redwood continues to rebuild our team after the pandemic forced us to consolidate according to our client and budgetary needs. Ramping up staffing in 2022 will allow us to serve more clients and help them accomplish more than they thought was possible. As we work towards hiring to full capacity, we are focused on our clients and providing the best quality care and services they’ve come to expect from Redwood.

As an organization whose mission it is to help people shatter barriers to reach their full potential, we continue to work hard to fully recover as we move into 2022 by continuing our innovative approaches and dedication to serving our clients.


Despite all the disruptions, challenges and pivots to find new solutions for clients in the past fiscal year, Redwood is proud of client outcomes in 2020:

  • 85% percent of children enrolled at Redwood for at least six months demonstrated progress in the attainment of fine and gross motor skills.
  • 87% of children and youth involved in Children’s Services met their individual treatment plan goals, with 95% of parents/caregivers showing an increase in their understanding to support their children’s development.
  • 100% of adult clients in the employment services program completed a job readiness program and learned workplace skills.
  • 67% of our employed clients in Adult Services retained 12 months of employment.

These are only some of the reasons Redwood is excited to continue its innovative work. We remain extremely appreciative of our donors, volunteers and supporters that make it possible for every client to grow their abilities, shatter barriers and shine bright in our world.


The financial outlook for the current fiscal year is challenging. The pandemic continues to impact revenues. Every time there is a positive COVID-19 case, Redwood is forced to close a room. This means lost revenue. At the same time, not all our clients have been able to return to Redwood, so census growth is slower than anticipated.

We have been asked about the current need for financial support and whether it’s truly needed given programs like the Payroll Protection Plan loans and other government funding. Our response is simple: Absolutely! Redwood needs the support of our donors now more than ever. While we are managing expenses, the reality is:

  1. We have fixed costs for operations that we incur whether we serve one person or 1000 people. These costs include maintaining our facility, accounting, insurance, compliance, IT systems, and so forth.
  2. The funding we received was stop-gap funding. This means it was short-term, one-time funding that was to cover revenue loss that is occurring over time.
  3. Medicaid rates remain unchanged. This was a problem before the pandemic and continues to plague us. In some waivers, rates have not changed since 2008! Now Redwood is faced with inflation rates, particularly for labor, which has not been seen for decades.

Our donors, and the investments they make to our operating fund, ensures we can continue to deliver our mission today. Investments made to the Redwood Foundation ensure we can continue to provide our mission in the future. Both donations are critical to our success. To learn more, contact Sharon Fusco, CEO, directly at or 859-409-8424.

To see Redwood’s complete FY2021 report, download the latest edition of our Connections newsletter here.

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