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Easterseals Redwood Helps Families Connect with Donated Assistive Technology

Man using Likorall lift to get out of bed

When a Northern Kentucky family lost their young son, they hoped the assistive technology they had purchased for him could be used to benefit another family. They contacted Easterseals Redwood’s Assistive Technology Resource Center (ATRC) and donated a number of items, including a Likorall overhead lift system. Lift systems like this one which are used to safely move an individual from a bed to a wheelchair or other seating can cost thousands of dollars.

This particular system included three motors/lifts and several ceiling bars ranging in length from 10 feet to 22 feet and can be customized for individuals or split up for multiple families. Easterseals Redwood’s ATRC librarian worked with a vendor to gather information on how this lift could be safely provided to a client in need. The lift system was then listed on the Kentucky Assistive Technology Locator, an online lending library and exchange site for assistive technology. Items listed on this site are available throughout the state of Kentucky at regional centers and several program sites.

Meanwhile, in Barbourville, Ky., Tina and Bill Mills had been searching for a ceiling lift and found the listing for the Likorall overhead lift system on the Kentucky Assistive Technology Locator and contacted Easterseals Redwood. Tina’s son, Alex, who is in his early 20s, had suffered from two strokes and is bedridden. Lifting him was difficult, even with a floor lift. The overhead lift system was the perfect solution at no cost for his family.

While Alex continues to make slow progress, his family is now able to safely help him with transfers and lifting due to the generosity of another family, and the coordination efforts of Easterseals Redwood’s ATRC and the Kentucky Assistive Technology Services Network.

This was all made possible because of one family’s donation. If you would like to donate to Easterseals Redwood or would like to know more about Easterseals Redwood’s ATRC, please contact Julie Roell at

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