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State Farm Makes Christmas Bright by Donating Echo Shows to Redwood Families

Echo Show 5 Medicine Reminder

Redwood is grateful to State Farm for donating 50 Amazon Echo Shows to clients and their families. The Amazon Echo Shows, smart devices that allow users to perform various tasks via voice control, were distributed between Thanksgiving and Christmas. These devices will make their lives a little easier.

These are just a few of the ways clients can use their Echo Show:

  1. Set a wake-up alarm: “Alexa, set a wake up alarm for 9 a.m.”
  2. Set a reminder to take your medication: “Alexa, set up a reminder”
  3. Play music: “Alexa play Christmas music (or any music you like)”
  4. Translate: “Alexa, translate a phrase for me”
  5. Look up recipes: “Alexa, show me a recipe for meatloaf”
  6. Get the weather report: “Alexa, give me a weather report”
  7. Set a timer: “Alexa, set a timer for 5 minutes”

They can also link your calendar and smart watch like Fitbit, make Facetime calls, watch TikTok videos, stream movies and TV shows, read or listen to books, look up song lyrics, and access a communication device with voice output.

Redwood’s Assistive Technology Resource Center is one of five in Kentucky and the only one in Northern Kentucky. Providing the Echo Shows to our clients aligns with the center’s purpose to provide technology that aids clients in learning, working and socializing.

Redwood is grateful for the donation as it allows the staff to keep providing the level of customer service our clients are accustomed to, even if services can’t always be provided in person. Redwood will continue to strive for new and innovative ways to connect with clients and help them shatter barriers and achieve new heights.

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