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Success Stories: Redwood Helps Children Meet Milestones and Shatter Barriers


Redwood staff is dedicated to working together to create complete and comprehensive plans for clients of all ages. By working together, we can all help those with disabilities grow, shine bright and shatter barriers they never thought possible.

Phillip’s Story

Phillip was diagnosed with autism when he was about two years old. He isolated himself, wandered around the classroom with almost no peer or teacher interaction, communicated only by humming and making grunting noises and struggled with routine changes and flexibility.  He required heavy assistance with many self-care skills such as being independent when using the restroom. Phillip was somewhat tentative and slow-to-warm in new situations or when meeting new people. These challenges led to behaviors such as flopping on the floor and throwing objects.

When Phillip started attending Redwood, the staff went right to work. Phillip’s classroom teachers worked closely with his Speech Therapist, Occupational Therapist and Registered Behavior Technician to build a comprehensive plan to help him achieve his goals of communicating better and being more independent.

Phillip is currently using a communication device provided by Redwood and hopes to soon have one of his own. Phillip’s team worked with him on imitating sounds, gestures and words. Each word is modeled, then followed by prompts for him to verbalize a request or need on his own. He has now successfully conquered verbalizing approximately 16 different requests.

In his preschool classroom, Phillip is greeting all his friends and teachers with a “hello” and ‘’goodbye” at the beginning and end of the day and interacting with several peers during activities. He is now happily requesting more “milk,” to play with a “ball” and a desire to go on a “walk.”  Phillip now independently runs to the bathroom door and needs little to no assistance during this time. Phillip is working on following one-to-two step directions, identifying different objects and matching identical words with the object. His hard work is paying off.

His teachers and therapists have made such an impact on him this past year. He now knows his letters, numbers and colors; he’s worked on riding a tricycle, and he now rides a bike with training wheels; he’s following directions and recognizing items and objects; and overall, he’s such a happy, loving little boy who loves saying “hi” to everyone at Redwood.

Mia’s Story

When Mia started therapy at five months old, she was not rolling or playing with toys – both common milestones for that age. Born two weeks premature and diagnosed with Williams Syndrome and Aortic Valve disease, she had to undergo two open-heart surgeries. Her physical and occupational therapists worked together at Redwood in her childcare program and in her home, allowing her parents to be present at therapy sessions and learn new strategies to help Mia grow.

Now, at two years old, she is pulling herself up to stand, walking while holding one hand, moving independently around her environment, reaching for and playing with toys and exploring.  To encourage an interest in play, Mia is using adapted toys with switches on loan from Redwood’s Assistive Technology Resource Center, which provides services and devices to increase, maintain or improve functional capabilities to those who need them. All of these services in combination have helped Mia gain new developmental skills, increase her abilities and shine bright.

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