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We all have aspirations for the next generation -- a life filled with love, self-determination, meaningful work, friendships, and the hope of fulfilling dreams.  The hopes of a parent raising a child with a disability are no different, but along with hope comes additional concern.  Will the supportive services my child needs be available? Will she be able to get a job?  Will he be happy?  What will happen to my child after I'm gone?

Al and Dorothy Wood experienced these questions when their daughter, Cheryl, was born, and they did something about it:  They joined forced with Bill and Sue Reder to create Redwood!  Dorothy went on to serve as Redwood's first executive director.  After her death, Joe VonLehman, a friend of the family, encouraged Al to create the Dorothy Wood Foundation in his wife's honor, which Al did with $1.

The Dorothy Wood Foundation has since existed to support Redwood.  With an endowment of approximately one million, the Foundation is able to provide annual distributions in support of Redwood's mission to help children and adults with disabilities achieve independence and reach their full potential.

The mission is unattainable, however, because there will always be individuals with disabilities.  In fact, the number of people with disabilities is increasing, as is their life expectancy.  Public funding cannot keep pace with the increasing needs of long-term support.  Yes, there will always be people with disabilities, and with your help there will always be a Redwood to provide the services they need.  There is no more powerful way to provide for the future than contributing to Redwood's endowment fund.

Redwood's endowment is housed within the Dorothy Wood Foundation.  The Dorothy Wood Foundation exceeded its 2015 Living Legacy campaign goal by receiving over $2 million in donations to the endowment.  Contributions to the endowment ensure that more people with disabilities, as well as their families, get the support they need.  Endowment addresses current needs and future opportunities that we cannot yet imagine. It will empower children and adults.  Forever.

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