Summer Program for Children

Redwood strives to make the summer a positive, learning experience for school-age children with disabilities in its Summer Program for Children.  This therapeutic recreation program offers a different theme each summer that encourages children to explore their diverse interests, personalities, and abilities while overcoming areas of challenge.  Some children require onsite nursing care, assistive technology, and intensive supervision of one-to-two or one-on-one staff-to-student ratios.  Most children will participate within a 1:5 ratio.  Redwood’s Summer Program for Children provides the level of supervision and assistance each child needs for active involvement in camp’s daily activities.

Thank you to the students and staff who participated on the 2016 Summer Program, where daily activities tied into the excitement of the 2016 Summer Olympics.  Information regarding the 2017 Summer Program will be available in the future.

For more information on the Summer Program, contact Katrina Proud.

Thank you to Citi for its contributions to Redwood's '16 Summer Program.  These contributions have enabled Redwood acquire additional technology resources used for Theraputic support for the Summer Program clients.


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