Strategic Planning

Strategic planning is critical to Redwood's success.  Different from classic business planning, the strategic planning process involves vision, mission, and outside-the-box thinking that allows us to foresee where we want our organization in three years, as well as how to best achieve our desired dreams, visions, and results.

In 2016, Redwood adopted its most recent three-year strategic plan.  This plan was developed after careful, thorough consideration of expectations of persons served and other stakeholders; relationships of external stakeholders; analysis of our competitive, regulatory, and legislative environments; financial opportunities and threats; organizational capabilities; and needs and demographics of our service area.

As a result, the plan's strategic directions seek to:

Redwood takes its stewardship of the public trust seriously and is happy to share the results of our current plan.  To view the FY ‘20 Strategic Plan, click here.  Your questions should be directed to John Francis at (859) 331-0880, ext. 201.

1.9.20 Strategic Planning Committee Meeting Minutes

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