Redwood Governance Committee

The purpose of the Governance Committee is to: “As the Executive Committee of the Board of Trustees, the Governance Committee directs and guides a sustained collaborative effort to promote strategic leadership and action for the board, councils and committees.”

Meeting Schedule:

Location: Redwood

Financials for FY19 Gov. Comm. Mtg. 12.18.18
FY19 Governance Comm. Mtg. Material 12.18.18

FY19 Governance Comm. Mtg. Material_10.23.18
FY19 Governance Comm.-Marketing Plan_10.23.18

FY19 Governance Comm-Financials YTD 9.30.18

Agenda 8/28/18

Governance Committee Meeting Minutes - 6/29/18

Board Report Card FY'19 update from 7/10/18

Development Dashboard update from 8/20/18

John's FY'18 Performance Metrics

John's FY'19 Performance Metrics 

Redwood Board Analysis

Agenda 6/29/18
Governance Committee Meeting Minutes - 4/24/18

Agenda 4/24/18
Governance Committee Meeting Minutes - 2/27/18
Board Report Card 4/24/18
Add'l Materials - Board Meetings & Governance Committee Meetings FY'19


Agenda 2/27/18
Governance Committee Meeting Minutes - 12/12/17
Board Report Card 12/12/17
FY18 Fund Raising 2/20/18

Agenda 12/12/17
Governance Committee Meeting Minutes 10/24/17
FY 18 Fundraising Dashboard

Agenda 10/24/17
Governance Committee Meeting Minutes 8/22/17
Board Report Card 10/24/17
FY/18 Fund Raising Dashboard 10/23/17

Agenda 8/22/17
Governance Committee Meeting Minutes 6/27/17
Board Report Card 8/15/17

Agenda 6/27/17
Governance Committee Meeting Minutes 4/25/17

Agenda 4/25/17
Governance Council Meeting Minutes 2/28/17
Board and Committee Structure - 4/12/17

Agenda 2/28/17
Governance Council Meeting Minutes 12/13/16

Agenda 12/13/16
Governance Council Meeting Minutes 10/25/16

Agenda 10/25/2016
Governance Council Meeting Minutes 8/30/2016

Redwood Ameded Bylaws
Board and Committee Structure - DRAFT
Succession Plan for Executive Director and CEO
CEO Job Description
On-Boarding Plan - New CEO
Key Contact List - CEO Succession Plan

Agenda 8/30/2016
Governance Council Meeting Minutes 6/28/16

Agenda 6/28/16
Governance Council Meeting Minutes 4.28.16

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