DWF Investment Committee

The purpose of the DWF Investment Committee is to.1) Adopt an Investment Policy subject to approval by the Board of Directors; 2) Advise the Investment Agent regarding the Investment Policy and hiring and firing of   Investment managers; 3) monitor the performance of the Foundation’s assets on a regular basis; and 4) maintain sufficient knowledge about the Foundation’s investments so as to be reasonable assured that the Investment Policy is being followed.

Meeting Schedule:

January 16, 2018 @ 8 a.m.


Redwood (Conference Call - US Bank will provide call-in number and instructions)


DWF Investment Committe - Agenda 1/16/18

DWF Investment Committee - Agenda 10/17/17
DWF Investment Committee - Agenda 1/17/17
DWF Investment Committee - Agenda - 10/18/16


DWF Investment Committee Meeting Minutes - 10/17/17

DWF Investment Committee Meeting Minutes - 10/18/2016
DWF Meeting Minutes - 8/2/16

Other Documents:

Living Legacy Report 12/31/17

Living Legacy Report 9/30/17
DWF Investment Policy

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