On May 10th, we will celebrate a special day – Mother’s Day – to honor the women who loved, nurtured, and sacrificed for us throughout our lives.  It’s a perfect day to honor your mother, another mother, or any woman who has made a positive impact in your life through a donation to Redwood.

When you make a contribution in honor of someone special, we’ll send a Mother’s Day card on your behalf to let the special lady in your life know of your gift. Your donation will also honor mothers like Sue Reder and Dorothy Wood.

Redwood got its name from our 2 founding families – the Reders and the Woods:

The story of Redwood is a story of love, dedication, and community.  It began in 1951, when Bill and Sue Reder discovered that Northern Kentucky had no services for their son, Ron, who was born with cerebral palsy.  The Reders joined with other parents to change these circumstances.  Al and Dorothy Wood, whose daughter, Cheryl, also had cerebral palsy, soon joined the group.  In May 1953, under the leadership of the Reders and the Woods, these parents founded Redwood to provide services, solutions, and hope for all children with disabilities.

Sue and Dorothy worked together to help form The Women’s Guild which hosted the first Cotton Ball in 1956 to raise funds for Redwood.  In 1958, Redwood purchased its first building and Dorothy Wood was named the first Executive Director.

Through their mothers’ love, vision, commitment and with Redwood’s support, Ron and Cheryl received enriching educational and therapeutic services that allowed them to prosper, thrive and grow to reach their highest potential.                                

You can help Redwood’s children and adults reach their highest potential as well.

A gift to Redwood will serve as an expression of gratitude to your mother, or another special woman who believed in you.  Let us know who you wish to honor, and we will send her a Mother’s Day card.  Just click here to make a donation on-line or contact Beth Moore at 859-331-0880 ext. 297.

At the same time, your donation will honor the perseverance and hope of all mothers, while helping children like Ron and Cheryl to flourish. 

Thank you, in advance, for honoring your mother and Redwood mothers through your gift!

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