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Thank you for visiting Redwood's Annual Campaign donation page, and thank you for supporting clients like Richard!


Richard turned 6 years old in May 1995.  He talked constantly and was an active little boy who played football.  Less than a month later, he was in a major car accident.  The injuries he sustained cause him to permanently lose the ability to speak, and paralysis has confined him to a wheelchair.  Redwood has been a part of Richard's life since childhood, and continues to support him while he attends Redwood's Adult Day Supports Program. 

Click here to read Richard's story and how his family views the importance of Redwood in their lives.

Richard and his family faced a very unexpected and profound change in their lives as a result of his car accident 21 years ago.  And while this may have changed society’s outward definition of him from “typical” to “disabled”, he is still a young adult with likes and dislikes that make him like any other person.  He graduated from Connor High School, where he received the Commonwealth Award.  He loves watching the Big Bang Theory and Family Feud on TV, and he also loves to shop.  He thinks Tiger Woods is overrated, and is disillusioned with the Bengals.  He roots for the Steelers because his Pawpaw likes the Bengals.  He hates it when Redwood nurses Tracy and Cheryl sing to him.

Please consider a contribution to the 2016-2017 Annual Campaign so that the children and adults of Redwood like Richard may continue to receive the enriching educational, therapeutic, and vocational services that help them reach their highest potential.


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