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Thank you for visiting Redwood's Annual Campaign donation page, and thank you for supporting clients like Logan!


A safe, nurturing and enriching environment is what Redwood provides to over 800 children and adults with disabilities each year.  We are proud to have served the Northern Kentucky community for 64 years, and we are equally honored of the support and financial contributions from our donors. 

I’d like to take the opportunity to invite you to participate in Redwood’s Annual Campaign and to introduce you to this year’s featured client – Logan.  Redwood’s programs have helped Logan achieve what his family had previously been told would not be possible.

Will you please make a gift to Redwood to help children and adults to master new skills and develop to their full potential?  Your generous donation will help clients like Logan, whose emotional and physical well-being has been enriched through Redwood’s services.

Logan was born a happy healthy little boy in May, 2014.  However at three weeks of age, Logan suddenly became inconsolable, his eyes glazed over, and his body became stiff.  While his mother Shea was on the phone with his pediatrician, Logan let out a horrible scream.  Hearing this through the phone, the doctor told Logan’s mother “Put him in the car, don’t stop, don’t wait for an ambulance, get him to Children’s Hospital.”


Logan’s parents learned later that he had suffered a seizure and stroke due to a blood clot found in his brain.  He was immediately rushed into surgery to insert catheters to help the blood flow.  The doctors told his family to be prepared, that Logan might not live through the night – but he did.  Two nights later he had a second stroke and again were told he might not live through the night – but he did.


Diagnosed with Acute Cerebral Venous Infraction, Hydrocephalus, Intracerebral Hemorrhage, Intraventricular Hemorrhage and a seizure disorder - Logan spent the next 5 ½ weeks in the hospital.  During that time, he underwent five brain surgeries and received a VP shunt to help drain excess spinal fluid surrounding his brain.

First Steps who suggested to Logan’s parents that Redwood was a place with staff experienced to help him meet his immediate needs and help him develop.  He was two years old, non-verbal and could only sit up on his own. “I loved his previous daycare,” says his mother Shea “We loved his teachers, but they did cater to him.  We knew we had to get him somewhere that would challenge him.”


“He has begun crawling, and he’s moving everywhere around the room. Before he would just sit and wait for someone to bring him a toy.” says Judy, Logan’s Lead Caregiver at Redwood.  Through therapy, Logan has begun riding an adapted bicycle, using a spoon, pulling up to his knees, taking steps while holding hands for assistance, and shaking his head in response to “yes” and “no” questions.


Logan will begin half-day preschool this fall, but his parents see the unique value in the services he receives while in Redwood’s care.  Because of this, they have made special arrangements to make sure Logan can spend the remainder of his day here at Redwood, surrounded by special resources and experienced staff who provide the extra care and attention he needs.

Shea said “He’s our little miracle.  He’s survived twice when doctors told us he wouldn’t make it.  Then we were told not to expect much from him, maybe a smile in a wheel chair.  But over and over again, Logan keeps proving them wrong.”

Redwood aims to continue helping individuals with disabilities achieve what was previously thought impossible – and with your support we will!

We ask for your consideration of a financial contribution to our Annual Campaign.  Clients like Logan depend upon you.  We thank you for your past, current, and future donations to Redwood.  Logan thanks you as well!


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