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Hear From Justin

Hear from Redwood, Young Adult Transitions client, Justin as he shares what he loves about Redwood Young Adult Transitions program, his favorite activities in and out of Redwood, and the goals he has achieved in the program.

A young woman with an orange sweater operating a television.

Life Skills 1

Participants in our Life Skills One program enjoy a high energy, active schedule with a lot of opportunities for exercise and gross motor activity.

A young woman interacting with devices in the sensory room.

Life Skills 2

Participants in our Life Skills Two program enjoy a calm sensory friendly schedule with a lot of opportunities for range of motion exercises and sensory friendly activities.

A Redwood employee assisting an adult client.

Life Skills 3

Participants in our Life Skills Three program enjoy a relaxed schedule with a lot of opportunities for socialization with other older adults and adult with significant medical needs.

An adult redwood client placing items in bags.

Vocational Day Training

Adults learn work and workplace skills through individualized training and completion of subcontract work from local businesses.  Life skill training and adult enrichment programs increase knowledge, skills, and breadth of experience.

Learn More About Vocational Day Training

Computer Skills

Participants explore interests using computers with adapted keyboards, alternative mouse access, and switch-activated scanning tools to overcome physical limitations.

Learn More About Computer Skills

A Redwood employee assisting a client at a desk with a keyboard.

Get involved with Redwood

Interested in supporting Redwood’s mission? There are many ways you can get involved.  Redwood is forever indebted to generous donors and volunteers who help ensure the continuation of our services.

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A redwood therapist assisting a child using a tablet.