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Adapted Toys

Adapted toys, games, learning, and sensory items are available for all program rooms at Redwood to address individual and group client goals. The ATRC coordinates events with the University of Cincinnati Engineers without Borders and local organizations to adapt commercially available toys and make them accessible to all individuals. These adapted toys are then made available for check-out to any program room at Redwood. Adapted sensory items are available in adult life skills rooms through a grant with the Ettlinger Foundation.

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Literacy Tablets/Reading Areas

Redwood believes that literacy is vitally important to increase adult independence.  Samsung Tablets, mounting systems and headsets are available in adult day program areas to encourage literacy skills.  These items were funded through the Paycor Community Impact Fund.

Touch Accessible Platform for Interactive Technology (TAP-it)

Available in adult day, childcare and therapy programs, the TAP-it platform is an interactive learning station designed to provide accessibility to all individuals. With intended touch technology, it recognizes the difference between purposeful and accidental interactions with the screen, and mirrors any activity being used on the computer.  It is height adjustable and can be tilted from 0 – 90 degrees.  These platforms were funded through individual grants with the Semple Foundation, the Ettlinger Foundation,  and the Spaulding Foundation.


Redwood provides iPads for employees to utilize with clients during interactive educational experiences for children, youth and adults with disabilities, and typically developing children. All iPad usage follows program licensing requirements.   Redwood has received grants and donations from various funding sources to supply these, including CitiGroup, Peter Maris, . . .

Dalton Technology Cabinet

A large variety of accessible robots, musical instruments, interactive iPad activities, simple communication devices, a visual teaching tool, mounting systems, and access options are available for use in all program rooms at Redwood.  These items were funded through the Andy & Jordan Dalton Foundation.

Adapted ride-on vehicles

Based on the ‘GoBabyGo’ project by Cole Galloway at the University of Delaware, Redwood has several modified ride-on toy vehicles available for Redwood childcare and therapy clients.  Modifications were made by University of Cincinnati Engineering students, and Toyota employees.

Light Play Activities and Active Learning Little Room

A wide range of light up activities are available to provide visually stimulating learning opportunities for children with visual impairments.  Some of these options include light panels, light cubes and mirrors.  Additionally, two versions of Active Learning Little Rooms and Scratch, Position and Grab (SPG) Boards are available to be used in program rooms to address client goals.  The Little Room is based on the works of Dr. Lilli Nielsen.  She advocated for the creation of environments that encourage active exploration, without interference from an adult.  The Little Room is a space in which a child can explore his or her environment safely.  Toys and objects are suspended from the ceiling, while sensory panels are placed on the side walls. These activities are made available, in part, through a grant from the Ettlinger Foundation.

Sensory rooms

Redwood has designated sensory room spaces for both the children and adult programs.  These sensory spaces offer a variety of visual, tactile and auditory experiences to address client goals.

AT Volunteer Projects

The ATRC has worked with local universities and organizations to expand the AT opportunities available at Redwood.  We have ongoing opportunities for creating, adapting, and repairing AT items, along with using AT in program areas to engage clients of all ages.


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