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What does a behavior analyst do?

  • Observe and assess the behavior of children or adults
    • Meet with families, teachers or doctors to discuss concerns and recommend ways to address behavior issues
  • Develop a plan to improve or change problematic behaviors
  • Help manage issues of stress and anger in healthier ways
  • Use methods of reinforcement to encourage positive behaviors

How can behavior support services help children and adults

  • Improve social interactions and quality of life
  • Reduce targeted behaviors while at Redwood, at home and in the community
  • Provide assistance and training for families, caregivers and staff

Children and adults improve social interactions and quality of life by learning new, functional behaviors to replace existing challenging behaviors.  Our behavior specialists will work collaboratively with the child, adult, staff, and family to complete a functional behavior assessment through observation, interview and review of medical and background information.  A positive behavior support plan is then developed and implemented.  Behavior supports may take place in the program room, at home or at school and include staff training, modifications to the environment if needed, and ongoing monitoring of progress in everyday settings.

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