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How Early Intervention Benefits Children

Research shows that the first three years of life are so important for the health and development of all children. By providing needed services and support during this time, families can better help their children with special needs develop to their full potential and may decrease the need for additional help later in life.

Team-directed services focus on helping families and caregivers understand the special needs of the child an how to enhance their development through activities that can be embedded into the family’s daily routine.  Services are provided within the child’s natural environment, where he or she lives, learns, and plays.  This might include the home, childcare centers, libraries, or early education classrooms.

Kentucky First Steps

Children qualify for First Steps services in two ways, through a developmental delay in one of the 5 skill areas (communication, cognition, physical, social and emotional or self-help) or through an established risk condition, such as Down syndrome.

How can I find out if my child is eligible for First Steps?

You can contact the Northern Kentucky First Steps Point of Entry at 859-655-1195 or visit their website here.

Hear From A Therapist

"The reason I love working at Redwood is because I am surrounded by so many compassionate people and that’s very important to me. Everyone here is working to make the client’s lives as good as they can possibly be and we’re trying to achieve their highest outcomes. It’s just wonderful to work with people who have similar values as I do."

Kelly Holtmann
Developmental Interventionist at Redwood for over 8 years
Redwood employee works with child

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Interested in supporting Redwood’s mission? There are many ways you can get involved.  Redwood is forever indebted to generous donors and volunteers who help ensure the continuation of our services.

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