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Redwood started providing tele-therapy services for occupational, physical and speech therapy as well as developmental intervention at the beginning of the COVID pandemic. Teletherapy has proven to be very effective during the health crisis and will continue to be an option for families.

What does the family need for Teletherapy?

Reliable Internet Access – Data line, WiFi or data plan
A Device with Microphone & Camera – Desktop, laptop, iPad, iPhone (devices available for loan)
Facilitator – Parent or caregiver who will assist in the therapy session

What teletherapy services does Redwood offer?

We offer speech, occupational and physical therapy through teletherapy.

How do I pay for Teletherapy?

Most all private insurances, MCOs and Medicaid will cover tele-therapy services.

How do I get started?

Contact Peggy Farmer, Director of Therapeutic Intervention
Phone: 859-331-0880 Ext. 249

One reason this form of therapy has been so effective is the increased involvement of family members and caregivers as they participate in the session along with the client. This allows for better understanding of the strategies used and more carryover in daily routines. Families have been very appreciative of having this option.

In Their Words

"The teletherapy PT sessions are great.  We are able to interact with Cassie, the PT, and she is able to see how he is progressing, show me different exercises and give me pointers on how to help Logan. Logan’s progress is unbelievable.  It has made my job so much easier. His walking has improved and his trunk strength is getting so much better that I get more confidence every day that he will be walking soon. The biggest benefit has been Cassie being able to show me what to do and her seeing his progress so she can help alter his exercises where needed.  Before it was her trying to explain to me what to do but now she can actually show me."

Shea Blackburn
Son: Logan Blackburn, age 6, diagnosed with medical fragility
A child using a laptop computer for teletherapy