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Fact 1

Redwood serves 223 adult within adult services programs.

Fact 2

78% of children participating for at least 6 months demonstrated progress in cognitive and language skills.

Fact 3

87% of the children/youth in Children’s Services met goals in their individualized treatment plans.

Fact 4

100% of adult clients in the employment services program completed job readiness program and learned workplace skills.

Carol Serrone

Carol Serrone worked in the tax world for over 25 years, which included working with more than 100 nonprofit organizations. She assisted her clients to achieve their philanthropic goals. Carol joined the Redwood Team in January 2018. The Philanthropy Team is responsible for raising money to support Redwood’s programs, help expand capacity and become more recognized throughout the region as a source of help and hope to individuals living disabilities and their families.

Carol Serrone
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Carol Serrone

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